The Ohio Utilities Protection Services (O.U.P.S.), doing business as OHIO811, is committed to supporting our facility owners as you work to protect your employees, your communities, and your underground facilities.

OHIO811 is committed to preventing damage to member facilities and promoting public safety by providing efficient and effective communication and education process between member utilities and individuals or companies planning any digging or excavation activities in Ohio.

Within the facility owner portal, you will find information on OHIO811 membership and benefits as well as online tools, web services, and educational resources that support a smooth, streamlined locate request process.

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For your safety, you should walk away immediately and take steps to clear the area to protect yourself and your crew. Do not try to repair or stop a leak yourself or use anything that might create a spark, such as a cell phone.

If a substance starts releasing into the air, such as natural gas, immediately call 9-1-1. For any damaged facility, you should also contact the utility company listed on the nearest marker as well as OHIO811, even if there appears to be no damage. Not all facility damages can be detected by the naked eye.

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Center’s Policy for submitting copied tickets:

    • The caller must be able to verify the notification request
    • The caller must accept responsibility for the notification information
    • The caller must provide all necessary missing information

If all criteria are not met, a dig notification will not be submitted.

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