Facility Owner Membership

Facility Owner Member Benefits

The Ohio Revised Code section 3781.26 (A) states that: Each utility that owns or operates underground utility facilities shall participate in and register the location of its underground utility facilities with a protection service that serves the area where the facilities are located.

Becoming an OHIO811 member not only keeps your company in compliance with state law but demonstrates a strong commitment to the safety and well-being of the consumers and communities you serve.

Facility Owner member benefits include, but are not limited to:

    • Compliance with Ohio Revised Code section 3781.26 (A)
    • Receipt of timely dig notifications
    • Access to OHIO811 electronic positive response system
    • OHIO811 support of your underground facility mapping
    • Ticket Search –  Ability to search your company’s dig notifications for up to 7 years, using OHIO811 long-term storage.
    • Industry Representation – OHIO811 bylaws allow for a facility owner member to represent his or her industry group with a seat on the Board of Trustees
    • Organizational Voice – Members can serve on various operating committees advising the Board of Trustees on operational issues
    • Public Education Program – Complimentary access to the OHIO811 public education program and supporting materials
    • Consortium Buying – The opportunity to purchase from a limited catalog of safety-related items at a discounted rate through our consortium buying program
    • Commitment to Safety – Demonstration of your company’s support for public safety and quality service

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