Training Videos:

For the optimal educational experience we recommend watching the 3 videos full screen shown below:


Ticket Entry

This video teaches the basic process for entering in a
new ticket through the i-dig RTE program.
Click to watch training viedo.


Repeat, Update & Other Features

This video will instruct you on the difference between
the Repeat & Update functions of the RTE program as
well as goes more in depth with some additional features.
Click to watch training video.



This video provides a more in depth discussion about how to properly
map a location including a detailed look at all the tools available
s well as give a full understanding of how to use the LAT/LONG tab.
Click to watch training video.

Advanced Training Videos

Advanced Training Video Review Sheet – A guide to review the information found in the advanced training videos for reference.

Refresher Video

Refresher Video Review Sheet – A guide to review the information found in the refresher video for future quick reference:

Required Info Checklist

Required Info Checklist – Lose your checklist from your manual?

Download and print the checklist here.

Suspend Feature

Suspend Feature Manual – A guide to help you learn how to enter locates in advance by creating notifications without submitting them to the member facility owners until you are closer to your dig date.